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The MISSION of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center is to preserve archaeological sites and collections, to curate collections locally and to make them available for research and education; to develop partnerships with American Indians, cultural groups and the communities it serves; and to foster a deeper understanding of prehistory and American Indian history in the Verde Valley through the science of archaeology. 


Winter Solstice Talk at the V Bar V Heritage Site

Our Executive Director, Ken Zoll, will give a talk at the V Bar V Heritage Site on the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, December 21, beginning at 1:30 pm. The site is normally closed on Wednesdays, but for this special event the gates will open at 12:30 pm.  The sun dagger on the ground appears about 1:55 pm while the sun dagger that bisects the winter solstice concentric circle petroglyph appears at about 3:00 pm.  Admission is free but parking requires a Red Rock Pass or the equivalent. For more information, contact the Forest Service at 928-203-2900 or at their website.

WIN the Moscato Ristorante Italiano Chefs!

The chefs at Moscato Ristorante Italiano (across from the Center) have graciously offered their food and services for a raffle to benefit the Center. Only 100 tickets will be available for $50 each. The winning host can choose lunch/brunch/dinner together with the menu in consultation with the chefs. The meal can be on any Monday in January or February 2017 for up to 10 people and will be prepared in your kitchen or in the restaurant as a demonstration and private party. The drawing will be on December 20. Tickets are available only at the Center. You can stop in to buy your tickets on Tuesday through Saturday. You can also call the office at 928-567-0066 on Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm with a credit card for tickets.

Capital Campaign Takes A Major Step Forward

With a generous donation from Mr. Scott Simonton, the Center can now move forward to install the water line along our property.  This $91,000 project will start this winter.  Thanks to the work earlier this year by Eastern Illinois University, we know that there is a pit house in the path of the water line. This will be excavated prior to beginning the project. The pit house demonstrates the importance of the area to previous Native American cultures and why the Center will honor these people by creating the Native American Heritage Preserve over most of the 15.28 acre property.

Center Plans Trip to Seldom Visited Mayan Sites of the Yucatan

The Center has scheduled a 13-day/12-night extra tour of the hidden Yucatan to visit many Mayan sites. The sites and activities on this tour are all important to the history and archaeology of the Maya, the culture and history of colonial Yucatán, the natural history of the peninsula and the living Maya of today. The well-paced, “all inclusive” itinerary will include visits to and tours of 14 Maya ruins, 14 attractions and 4 cities plus some very special surprises along the way. Click HERE to download the initial trip description. 

Center FREE App Available

Keep up to date on all our activities by downloading the Center's free vvarchcenter app at the Google Play Store for Android devices and at the Apple Store for the iPhone. 


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